About me

I am a yoga and meditation teacher from the UK who now lives in the paradise of Ogliastra, Sardinia, Italy. I used to work full time in an office, doing a job for which I had no passion, but now live in one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited, teaching yoga and meditation to small groups of people within the local villages, trying to empower people with teachings of acceptance, compassion and emotional well-being. I was extremely fortunate to be able to make these positive changes in my way of life and I am now living in a much more positive and sustainable way than before.

Ogliastra, Sardinia, is a place of awesome natural  beauty, boasting not only beautiful beaches with soft  white sand and transparent, turquoise seas, but also places of profound peace and tranquillity, like the ancient Nuraghe ruins found nestling within its hills and mountains. It has a mostly rural community of some of the most welcoming and hospitable people you could care to meet, it took us 6 months before we were allowed to pay for a drink at our local bar/coffee shop! Its people still retain an amazing sense of community that unfortunately is not seen much these days in our modern society, the youth here still take an interest in the ancient traditions and customs. It has given me a new perspective on the true meaning of existence and inspired me to help others gain perspective and live a fuller, happier life.

Ogliastra, Sardinia

Getting out of the rat race and moving to Sardinia gave me a completely different view of life, I could see clearly for the first time what living should actually be about. I could see, and feel, the effects of living in such a fast paced, hectic, chaotic, materialistic world had had on my mental well-being and my physical body. I got a life, I got some perspective!

But I also started to see that it wasn't just about the way I had been living, but my own feelings and thoughts about it that had been causing me so much stress. I began to understand that suffering stress was as a result of my own perceptions, thoughts, reactions to life, and not the actual events themselves. I realised I had a choice about how to feel about these things!

What a breakthrough that was....realising I have the freedom to choose my actions and reactions; instead of being driven by ego and conditioning, I could change my mind; literally! I could change my behaviour patterns, make positive choices and reduce my stress and anxiety levels; the power was mine, I just never made use of the tools properly.

So now I want to pass on these tools to others; these so very simple practices that can be done by anyone and everyone, virtually anywhere, you do not need any special qualifications or skills or any special equipment to lead a less stressful existence.

Alex sitting in paradise!

My teachings are eclectic, I am not affiliated with any particular school of Yoga or meditation, although I am a member of YANI and my qualifications are in Hatha Yoga & Zen meditation. I have developed my own style of teaching through experiencing different schools of teaching and thinking, from the practices that I have found worked well for me and felt true to me, through my own personal experiences in life and the practices that have helped me to find a happier, more peaceful and less stressful way of living. If you would like to read comments about the course and testimonials about me you can find them by clicking here.

I am non-religious and my classes and courses are fully inclusive, this does not mean I am against the belief in God, I fully respect people who believe in a higher being, whatever label or name they have for it, however I have found for me personally, a more practical and secular approach to the practice works best and therefore that is what I teach. I believe that this secular approach also means that everyone, no matter what religion or non religion, can incorporate these practices into their life without contradicting or conflicting with their own belief systems, and that in fact, they can often improve people's spiritual lives too.

Check out my guide book called This Place, This Moment by Alexandra Redmond

My formative years were not easy, neither were they as difficult as some, however I did manage to create my fair share of suffering and destructive and negative behaviour patterns. I have learned life is not a competition and my history is just a story. Life is not something that can be won or conquered, but an ever evolving and changing experience that we can directly influence with our behaviour and thoughts, and that although we cannot control everything, we can control our suffering, our emotional experiences regardless of the external influences that we are experiencing. Life is full of experiences and learning, by understanding that I alone control how I feel and react to them, by knowing that I cannot find real and lasting happiness and peace through external objects or through other people, I have found a peace and a sense of happiness is difficult to put into words.

Since I have touched and experienced that sensation of self acceptance, inner happiness and peace, which by the way we can all experience quite quickly as is it always available to us, my world has changed. Happiness is not something we need to search for, we just have to let  go of all our tensions, worries, fears, quieten our ego mind and then we will find it has always been there, just like the calm, blue sky is always there, and regardless of how many clouds may be passing over and disguising our view of it, it remains always, calm and blue.


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Namaste _/\_

Alexandra Redmond