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(6) Alexandra Redmond
Sun, 3 January 2016 12:01:

Below are a few testimonials and comments from clients either taking the course or who have been on retreat with me. I have permission to share these comments annonymously and for this reason I do not share names, however they are all genuine comments from clients:
"I came home alone tonight & this course is a life saver. I put on relaxing music whilst doing the breathing - I like listening to your words as I breath inhaling & exhaling."
"Alex's Nidra yoga and mindfulness classes are intensive and careful"
"Thank you, Alex, for being the warm, supportive, kind, generous, deep, caring and fun person you are!"
"Alex's yoga/mindfulness classes where fun, intimate, varied and in accordance to our level of yoga/mindfulness, she was very open and willing to meet our needs in regards to what parts we need to work/focus on."
"The great meditations which I learned a lot & Yoga Nidra to relax. I needed that so much!"
"During Nidra Yoga and Mindfulness her voice is a wonderful and unforgettable guide."
"Alex is a great teacher. She was so friendly and caring towards everybody and really took the time if there was anything you wanted to ask, talk about, or practice some more. She's open about her own experiences in life and the way yoga and meditation helped her, which was especially inspiring for me"
"Alex herself is a person who "walks her talk" and has a lot of personal experience to back up what she offers, and plenty of humor and openness along the way."

(5) Helen
Sun, 24 November 2013 19:42:

I have been friends with Alex for 4 years, we met at a Brits christmas dinner here in Sardegna and have since become firm friends. I have attended her yoga courses and find them very relaxing and feel that Alex gives 110% to make sure that everyone is comfortable and gets the most from her lesson.I particulary enjoy the relaxation half hour and find her voice soothing and calming.I would highly recommend her courses and classes.

Gravatar (4) Ando
Sun, 10 November 2013 18:10:
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I first met Alex whilst we were both on a Buddhist retreat in the UK, and warmed to her immediately. I have shared many an interesting spiritual conversation with her, then, and since.

We are both in a similar line of business (I am a Zen mentor and meditation teacher), and am happy to recommend Alex's retreats, courses and classes to my own clients and to others. I look forward to working alongside her in leading some joint retreats in the future.

(3) giuseppe
Sun, 10 November 2013 15:43:

A great yoga teacher and 'a great soul and a great friend, and' happy and make you happy in every lessons.Do yoga with her and 'real experience and deep spiritual.I thank her again so much for everything' that knows 'give.
Scuse for my bad English.

(2) Billy McGookin
Sun, 10 November 2013 13:22:

Alex certainly knows her stuff! She works with compassion and wisdom and will surely guide your path swiftly, smoothly and blissfully to a place of relaxation and calmness.

A course not to be missed!

(1) Alexandra Redmond
Wed, 6 November 2013 12:04:

Please feel free to leave feedback here about the website, the course, about me or about your experiences on the course....

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