Information about costs

Why isn't it free?

First off I would like to say there are a limited number of full free places on offer if you really can't afford to pay. And secondly, I would like to explain the various reasons why I charge a fee for this course;

  • The most important reason I charge for the course is for motivational reasons; as I have found myself, if I have got something like a course for free and if I have an off day or am lacking motivation, if I don't bother continuing or miss a few days, I feel OK about it, because I haven't lost anything. Whereas if I have paid for it, I am far more likely to stick it out and continue doing it!
  • I am also likely to place more value and focus on the content more if I have paid a fee for it.
  • Yoga in Sardinia, under whose umbrella this course was created, is a non profit association; all money goes towards the activities and costs of the association.
  • Lastly, it has taken a lot of work, money and time to produce the course, and continues to do so, and although we might like to give it away, it is not really practical to do so!

So, how much is it?

Payment Options Available:

Free Limited Time Trial


Access to the first module of the course for 1 day

Full unlimited Access

€119.99 one off payment

Full unlimited access to all the course materials for the duration of the 8 week programme. Discount of 25% off the full course price.  (€119.99 is approx. 103.68 GBP / 134.15 USD / 180.44 CAD / 179.60 AUD / 191.08 NZD)

Weekly payments 

19.99 per week

Pay weekly for more flexible access to individual course modules; you will have full access only to the module that you have paid for. At the end of each module you will be sent an email requesting payment for the next module (or you can automatically upgrade your access within your account page at anytime during the week). Total price €159.92

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Payments are accepted through Paypal using either a Paypal account or your credit card (it is not necessary to sign up to Paypal in order to use your credit card).

If you wish to book a Skype one to one consultation at any time during the course (or after), the cost will be 15 euros per half hour.

There are no hidden charges or extra costs for the course except for the above optional addition of one to one consultations via Skype.

You have the option to purchase guided practices via digital download, either after or at any time during the course.

After you complete the course you will retain access to the course forum to be able to offer your insights, continue to provide feedback about your progress and provide guidance and assistance to other new course members if you so wish.

If you genuinly cannot afford to pay for the course, you can apply for free access by registering here.


Refund Policy

In accordance with consumer protection and distance selling legislation we have a "cooling off" period and you may cancel your subscription up to 7 working days after the date on which you submit payment. In these circumstances a full refund will be given. This cancellation right ceases on the day the course begins or whenever it is first accessed (whichever is the earlier). Any other refunds will be solely at the discretion of Yoga In Sardinia.

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