Course Information

What is included in the course
The course is an eight week programme (don't panic, it only requires around half an hour each day!), developed to introduce you to some simple practices that can help you to become more aware of, and reduce, your stress levels and some key practices to help you to induce a relaxed state in your physical body. The course will also include some introductory practices on how to understand, accept and alter learned thought and behaviour patterns, enabling you to create a more positive state of mind.

How much is it? You can read about the course costs here. There are also some free places on each course for anyone who genuinely cannot afford to pay, you can apply for one of these places here. Applications for free places are reviewed and approved at my discretion, and, if awarded, will be placed in a queue for the next available free place.

Guided Audio Practice
Each week you will be provided with a guided relaxation or meditation session, you will be asked to listen to this session every day for the week. Along with this you may be given additional practices to do on your own, such as breathing exercises or physical activities.

As well as the guided audio instructions you will be given a theme for the week, a behaviour or awareness practice which you should try to develop during the course of the week. You will have the opportunity to focus on a particular aspect of your life giving you the chance to examine with playful curiosity how you view, react or deal with different situations.

At the end of each week you will be asked to complete an online journal or survey, this is for you to be able to assess how you felt during the week, how you found the practices, notice any changes in behaviour or mood and to be able to ask questions or give me feedback as you see fit.

As well as the above course materials, you will have access to a forum to be able to communicate with myself and others taking the course and social network resources for additional information and connections. As part of the weekly journal you will also be given the opportunity to ask specific questions on a private basis and will receive feedback from me via email.

Additional One to One Sessions not included in the price
At an additional cost of 15 euros per half hour, you can also request a Skype consultation where you will be able to talk to me face to face and discuss any issues or questions in relation to the course or your experiences.

No special equipment or abilities are required to complete this course, just a computer or smart device with speakers and access to the internet.

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